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Canadian Calling Cards and Phone Cards

At you can choose from a wide variety of Canada’s favorite long distance prepaid calling cards and phone cards. These are the same prepaid phone card products that can be found in your local corner store, but we deliver the PIN and dialing instructions (the virtual cards) to you instantly via email at discounted prices! Isn't that exactly how e-commerce is supposed to work? - Greater convenience with lower prices!!


We offer a variety of card 'types' including "Low Fee", "Connection Fee", and "No Fee" prepaid long distance phone cards and calling cards. "Low Fee" long distance prepaid phone cards do not deduct a fee at the time of connection. However, there may be a variety of other charges associated with a "No Connection Fee" phone card. Phone cards in this category may have charges such as first minute minimums or service/maintenance fees, etc. This is definitely the most popular phone card category available in Canada today! Please see product detail page(s) for further information.


"Connection Fee" phone cards charge a set-up fee each time you make a call using this calling card. This fee is taken at the time of connection. There may be other charges associated with this type of phone card. Typically, users of this type of card tend to make longer phone calls in order to fully enjoy the low published rates. Please see product detail page(s) for further information.


"No Fee" phone cards are the cleanest, most straight-forward calling cards available in Canada today! Quite simply, there are no fees (hidden or published) associated with phone cards in this product category. If you are looking for a direct comparison to the rates you are paying when you dial direct from home (1+ or 011+ dialing), this category offers tremendous value! Please see product detail page(s) for further information.

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