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Call, Talk, Chat

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Call cards provide by the second billing. These cards have a higher per minute rate than our other cards; however you are only billed for what you use. For example, a 30 second call with a per minute rate of $0.20 would be $0.10. These cards are best for frequent, short duration calls.

Talk cards provide the lowest rates for our cards with 4 minute billing increments. For example, a 10 minute call with a per minute rate of $0.10 would be billed $1.20 (billing rounded to 12 minutes). These cards are best for longer duration calls.

Chat cards provide per minute billing. These cards have mid-range rates and calls are rounded to the next minute. For example, a call lasting 4 minutes and 30 seconds at $0.15 would be billed $0.75 (billing rounded to 5 minutes). These cards are great for a mix of long and short calls; or if you are unsure of what your calling patterns would be.

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