Cuba Direct
Cuba Direct
  • Call Cuba anytime! Get Direct access to your favorite destination!
  • BEST CARD FOR those who make short multiple calls to one specific destination
  • As an added value, this card also allows Canada and US calling!
  • 100% THE BEST VALUE: With 3 minute BILLING and NO CALL FEES you may pay a slightly higher per minute rate but in return you get Guaranteed Value all the time and still SAVE MONEY!
  • NO ADDITIONAL FEES! (Same day calling and when using a local access number)
  • NO CALL FEES at the start of your call, during your call or at the end of your call.
  • EXPIRY INFORMATION: Product PIN will expire 180 days after the first call

Per minute rates for Cuba Direct

Other destinations:
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Terms & Conditions

Minutes advertised are based on same day usage of entire card value based on a single call or multiple calls made less than 3 minutes using a local access number. Billing is based on 3 minute increments after the first minute. For every 3 minutes of use or less after the first minute, customer shall be charged for the full 3 minutes.

Rates and Fees subject to change without notice

This card can be used to call Cuba and Canada/USA Only!!!

If you choose to use this card for calls exceeding 3 minutes and/or over multiple days the following charges apply and will affect the minutes you will achieve using this card:

  • If used for multiple calls, the balance of the card is debited in 3 minute blocks
  • 10¢ daily maintenance fee applies

  • Additional charge of 5 cents per minute applies on calls placed using the USA Toll Free access number.
  • Additional charge of 1 cent per minute applies on calls placed using the Canada Toll Free access number.
  • Additional charge of 75 cents applies for calls made through public payphones.